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is a tool designed to illustrate the complex web of connections between Donald Trump and Russia in this unprecedented era of American corruption.

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YourGov.ForSale is an interactive visualization of the personal, political, and financial connections between the current American government and the Russian Federation. In an era of unprecedented chaos in the top ranks of government as well as confusion and intense hostility towards the media, YourGov.ForSale cuts through the noise to present a clearer picture of the data that is currently available.

We focus on verifiable events from credible sources, such as public meetings and statements, financial disclosures, and well-documented personal ties. Our sources are clearly identifiable and accessible directly from the graph. When an important and well reported connection is unverified, we include it but delineate the difference between the tenuous connection and more confident statements. While we have faith in the sources we relied on, we also believe in transparency and disagreement, and encourage open (and civil!) discussion wherever this project may be shared.

It is challenging to parse the modern political discourse involving Mr. Trump and his associates. Over the last few months, the American public has been inundated with stories of all levels of credibility tying the United States government with Russia. It has become difficult to identify the larger picture and cut out exaggerations and falsehoods. The inability to identify truth is dangerous for a claim of this magnitude. By filtering information and compiling it in one place, YourGov.ForSale directly responds to this problem.

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